The Vintage Room Bar and Restaurant

Bold Interiors was engaged in July last year to assist with finishes selections for the new bar and restaurant, The Vintage Room, which was proposed for the old Hong Kong Importers shop on Victoria Street in Mackay. After assisting with finishes selection and an overall design concept, the existing design plans needed to be revised to ensure that Building Codes were met and that disabled access was possible. A few dusty site visits later and time spent devising an efficient layout based on the existing floor levels, the floor plans were finalised. These drawings were then used to apply for building permits, plumbing approval and to obtain prices from builders. The existing arcade with its brick pavers, curved ceiling and round lightbox signage was retained. Upholstered leather bench seats were incorporated for booth like seating and the round lightboxes were turned into feature lights. Keeping these elements helped create a ‘vintage’ feel to the space and of course, save on costs. The new bar is clad with bricks and topped with a stone bench. Behind the drinks display, the metallic copper splashback reflects the light and acts as a feature in the space. There was an existing kitchen at the back of the premises and it was extended and refurbished. Combining functionality and aesthetics, the wine cellar is behind glass at the back of the space for all patrons to view. It creates a focal point in the more intimate dining zone. Vintage style furniture and lighting was added to enhance the feeling of a cellar-like wine bar.