Our Process

The BOLD Approach

BOLD Architecture + Interior Design provides design services that add exceptional value to residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Mackay.

A combination of passion and talent has led to BOLD exceeding expectations and winning industry awards. We create BOLD Architecture + Interior Designs that work and experiential buildings that have soul.

For a building to work, BOLD calls on sound sustainable environment principles to produce designs that are energy efficient in response to climatic conditions. BOLD also believes that buildings—and the spaces in between—should do more than just facilitate use.

Buildings can evoke feelings, prompt a sense of place, energise a space and heighten or challenge our senses. These qualities give a building soul.

BOLD works closely with clients to ensure design appropriateness—design solutions that are appropriate to place, use, occasion, season, budget and the client’s vision. This is achieved through collaboration and being responsive to the needs, values and ideas of the clien

How We Communicate our Design Ideas

BOLD uses a range of different media to help you visualise your project. Communication of concepts begins with freehand sketches and drawings.

Ideas are then developed, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to investigate, discover and communicate design possibilities in 3D form.

As the project develops, you receive a virtual 3D model so you can explore and experience the design proposals in 3D. Thanks to communicating in the 3D format, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall design direction. This greatly assists in decision-making and realising your vision.

Outline of Services

Below is a brief outline of the standard services that BOLD Architecture + Interior Design provides. To suit your exact requirements, your budget and your specific project needs, BOLD’s services are easily tailored.

Master Planning

The purpose of this service is to formalise the grand vision for a development. BOLD has developed a tried and tested methodology that has been successful in liberating the potential for each project and formulating a new vision. The Master Plan communicates the way forward—to guide each stage of the development and the end goal.

Developed Design

The scale and complexity of the project will determine if this specific stage in the overall design process is required. It can be crucial in the development of the design of a large or complex project. Alternatively, it can be merged with either the previous stage (Preliminary Design), or the subsequent stage (Contract Documentation). Some complex projects require this extra level of design planing before proceeding to construction drawings.

Contract Administration

The scale and complexity of the project, and sometimes the client's request, will determine whether BOLD’s services are required during the construction stages. We can either visit the construction site to inspect the works to ensure design compliance. Alternatively, we can act as the superintendent of the building contract and administer the building contract. We will be happy to discuss which level of service will best suit the requirements of your project.

Preliminary Design

This stage can range from a quick investigation of design possibilities to the preparation of design drawings in support of a Planning Application. It might also be presented for a builder to provide a preliminary price. This stage of the process focuses on establishing the overall design direction. The aim is to confirm the design before moving on to the next stage of construction documentation. With the design brief established and a site inspection to understand the possibilities and constraints, initial design ideas are rendered via hand-drawn sketches. A number of design meetings and drawing revisions follow to arrive at the final design. The deliverables for this stage can vary, depending on the agreed fee and can range from hand-drawn sketches to virtual 3D models.

Contract Documentation (Construction Drawings, Details & Specifications)

The main aim of this stage is to render the design in detail so as to inform a set of construction drawings sufficient for pricing by builders, or to obtain building approvals for construction to begin. BOLD’s services during this stage can also vary greatly, depending on the level of detail in the documents required. In order to resolve particular details of the project, input may be required by external consultants—namely, structural engineers, hydraulic engineers, or electrical and mechanical engineers. The scale and complexity of the project will determine the extent and expertise of the consultant team.